Women Aren’t Funny?

It is always fun to disagree with Christopher Hitchens. And from what I know about him, he won’t mind at all that I have the audacity to disagree with him even though he’s dead; he won’t mind anything much at all. But he did once write an article called “Why Women Aren’t Funny”, which skips… Continue reading Women Aren’t Funny?

Re-writing the Bible: a book for the post-apocalypse

I’m still thinking about the post-apocalyptic world and the Post-Apocalypse Bible I’m going to write. I will come up with a new name for that, but Hitchhiker’s Guide is already taken. But this is no easy task. I am going to need a lot of supporting materials. So where do I start? What books are… Continue reading Re-writing the Bible: a book for the post-apocalypse

Notes on Faith

I don’t have faith. There are things I believe, things I don’t believe, things I don’t know and I have varying levels of confidence for each belief. Everything I believe I have evidence to support. “A wise man apportions his belief to the evidence”, as Christopher Hitchens said in summary of David Hume’s rather excellent… Continue reading Notes on Faith