Science and Censorship

Is science censored? The answer depends entirely on the definitions you use. (That’s a cliche answer and often a cop-out, but it’s actually a dig at the sophistry used by people claiming science is censored.) The TL;DR answer is: no. Science is flawed, but censorship is not that flaw. For our purposes here, science is… Continue reading Science and Censorship

Is religion a delusion?

A few weeks ago I posted on my blog to state that Richard Dawkins was actually wrong and religion is not a delusion. My argument was that the term “delusion” belongs to psychiatry (it is also a clinical and judgement-free term; if others bandy it around as an insult then they are being unkind), and… Continue reading Is religion a delusion?

Can science tell us there is no God?

This post is a continuation of my discussion with Michael. This time, I want to discuss the power of science and what it can do to tell us a claim isn’t true. To do this, I am going to look at a few discarded scientific models of the past, and how it is we have… Continue reading Can science tell us there is no God?

Does Dawkins misrepresent science?

It is a very difficult question, whether a person misrepresents science. It is not like the philosophy of science is some settled issue, with a clear and monolithic interpretation. There have been attempts to boil it down to its essentials: evidence-led critical and rational thinking, or the criticism of rational or empirically inspired conjecture. But… Continue reading Does Dawkins misrepresent science?

The Most Influential Biologist (?) and How To Change The Way You Blog Forever

Allen So―a friend of mine―commented on someone’s Facebook discussion that Richard Dawkins is is the most influential living biologist. I’ll be honest, that didn’t seem right. Richard Dawkins is vocal and very famous, but he also sort of exists in an echo chamber: creationists didn’t pick up The Selfish Gene and sincerely read it; readers… Continue reading The Most Influential Biologist (?) and How To Change The Way You Blog Forever

Dawkins is Wrong: Religion is not a Delusion

The other day I was talking with my flatmate. She was a psychiatrist and the discussion moved to how psychological conditions and symptoms are entirely culturally and contextually dependent. Your behaviour must be inappropriate for your culture for it to be relevant to psychology. But this does not sit well with Dawkins’ definition of a… Continue reading Dawkins is Wrong: Religion is not a Delusion

How Do You Define a Word?

How do you define a word? I know it seems nice to think you can look at a dictionary, but it seems that dictionaries follow something: words themselves are a sort of zeitgeist. What a word means, then, is what we all agree they mean. After all, “zeitgeist” might be absolute nonsense to you and… Continue reading How Do You Define a Word?