The Inadequancy of Jesus’ Sacrifice

My TikTok has finally figured out that I am interested in religious debate. And the video it has presented to me today that has sparked a rebuttal in me is the claim that Jesus’ Sacrifice was not actually to done on the Cross, but to be born at all; it was the choice to become… Continue reading The Inadequancy of Jesus’ Sacrifice

Maps of Meaning, discussion – Part 3a, Death, Sacrifice and Femininity

Since my last update, I have come across two things in Maps of Meaning which seem to fully undermine the whole structure of Peterson’s thesis thus far. These are ‘The Terrible Mother’ and ‘goal-like’ behaviour which is instinctive. But, before we get there, I’m going to recap some main points and give the relevant expansions… Continue reading Maps of Meaning, discussion – Part 3a, Death, Sacrifice and Femininity

No Contemporary Accounts of Jesus (nor Edith)

There are no contemporary accounts of the life of Jesus Christ. That matters. The normal rebuttal is to call that a lie and cite Josephus and Tacitus. However, Tacitus was born in AD 56 and Josephus was born in AD 37. Jesus died aged 33. The friendliest estimate of Jesus’ year of birth is AD… Continue reading No Contemporary Accounts of Jesus (nor Edith)

Climate change is real, the “realists” are wrong and we can solve this problem (if we try)

Approximately 64% of Americans do not think climate change is a threat to their way of life. That 64% will be made up of climate change deniers as well as people who call themselves climate change “realists”. This is a hugely concerning problem; democracy demands that people are aware of the problem before action can… Continue reading Climate change is real, the “realists” are wrong and we can solve this problem (if we try)

Grieving as an Atheist

I know I said my next few posts would be deep and bounce off of my last post where I tried to draw lines between the law, morality, rights and responsibilities. However, in a quick reply I think it might be nice to respond to a post called “Grieving as an Atheist”. This post has… Continue reading Grieving as an Atheist

Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral, and a ‘cuppa tea and a wad’

I was born in 1989, so I’d be lying if I said I have formed my opinion of Margaret Thatcher. Any opinion I try to form would be formed through social constructs, hearsay and events I wasn’t there to feel the proper feelings about. She does certainly appear to have left a legacy I don’t… Continue reading Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral, and a ‘cuppa tea and a wad’

How Can the Religious Explain Evolution?

I do not see how a theist can square evolution with their own view of a god. One issue is that of when our evolutionary chain was endowed with a soul: when was it? Anyone who really thinks about the implications of evolution on ideas like ‘humanity’ will realise any line drawn in our evolutionary… Continue reading How Can the Religious Explain Evolution?