What is a God?

My second assumption is in response to having been told on several occasions that I don’t understand how to read the Koran or the Bible. (I am admittedly showing a monotheistic and Abrahamic influence.) That assumption is this: how one reads the religious text is an important part in understanding what the definition presented in a religious book actually means.

Is it More Rational to Believe in God?

The BBC's The Big Questions continues to captivates, today with the question of whether it is more rational to believe in God. There has been some allusion to what it means to be rational; the philosopher Julian Baggini refers to science and naturalism. But a strong definition is never given. I'd like to do that (and… Continue reading Is it More Rational to Believe in God?

God Vs the Universe: which is more worthy of our admiration?

God and the Universe have quite a lot in common. There is ambiguity about both their beginnings, their nature and their definition. A quick look: This universe is thought to have a finite beginning 13.8 billion years ago. But that depends on your definition of "universe". If you maintain that "universe" refers to this bubble… Continue reading God Vs the Universe: which is more worthy of our admiration?

Define Learning

Education is one of the cornerstones of modern society. Each of us stand on the shoulders of the discoverers and teachers who came before us. From them, we learn. Learning is not only how we remember the past but also how we will discover and shape the future. Our primary learning environment, where we expect our… Continue reading Define Learning

Defining Atheism

(It looks like I'm doing that thing where I blog more frequently again. I blame the nothing-to-do regions of Austria, personally.) The atheism versus theism “debate” is not really a debate at all. The sides are not opposing. Claims are not always being made on both sides. Theism is a claim that a certain Being exists.… Continue reading Defining Atheism

God is Impossible: hiding your religion from rebuttals

I found a post called Atheist Delusions. The author of that post, Laurensheil, must have expected a response from atheists. And indeed I am one of the atheists who replied. In the post, Laurensheil bemoans atheists demanding proof of theists' claims, but then not providing any evidence for their own position; an argument that entirely… Continue reading God is Impossible: hiding your religion from rebuttals

How Do You Define a Word?

How do you define a word? I know it seems nice to think you can look at a dictionary, but it seems that dictionaries follow something: words themselves are a sort of zeitgeist. What a word means, then, is what we all agree they mean. After all, “zeitgeist” might be absolute nonsense to you and… Continue reading How Do You Define a Word?