Is religion a delusion?

A few weeks ago I posted on my blog to state that Richard Dawkins was actually wrong and religion is not a delusion. My argument was that the term “delusion” belongs to psychiatry (it is also a clinical and judgement-free term; if others bandy it around as an insult then they are being unkind), and… Continue reading Is religion a delusion?

Dream Interpretations

I had a dream I’m sure many readers have also had: my teeth crumbled and fell out of my head. In my dream, I was chewing gum and it led to two of my teeth falling out. I googled it in the morning for several reasons. Firstly, my girlfriend told me to; she thought it… Continue reading Dream Interpretations

Dawkins is Wrong: Religion is not a Delusion

The other day I was talking with my flatmate. She was a psychiatrist and the discussion moved to how psychological conditions and symptoms are entirely culturally and contextually dependent. Your behaviour must be inappropriate for your culture for it to be relevant to psychology. But this does not sit well with Dawkins’ definition of a… Continue reading Dawkins is Wrong: Religion is not a Delusion