Brexit and me

I’d like to tell the story of how I became interested in Brexit, back in 2016, only marginally before the vote. In reality, it’s the story of why I didn’t care about Brexit at any point before a critical moment in early 2016. I was born in 1989. Don’t worry, the story doesn’t start there;… Continue reading Brexit and me

First They were Wrong About Science and it Got Worse from There

The problem is, the currency of “truth” (there’s another conversation for another day) loses value when it leaves the scientists hands and goes into the hands of “the media” for communication. Communication is the weakest link... This failure of science communication is often confused for a failure of science. But it’s a failure of a system of media that uses currency as a currency, and not truth as a currency.

If a tree falls in the woods, in a universe devoid of consciousness, does the tree exist?

In my last post I discussed the idea that differences in sports supplements' effectiveness is knowable, but no one is going to run the investigation. Such an investigation would unveil one as better than another. But, as the experiment is never going to run (because it's impractically difficult and no one will know if it's… Continue reading If a tree falls in the woods, in a universe devoid of consciousness, does the tree exist?

Define Learning

Education is one of the cornerstones of modern society. Each of us stand on the shoulders of the discoverers and teachers who came before us. From them, we learn. Learning is not only how we remember the past but also how we will discover and shape the future. Our primary learning environment, where we expect our… Continue reading Define Learning