Is Artificial Intelligence Entitled to Personhood?

AI is not alive. But, somehow it has the opportunity to live. Deepmind has produced art that sold for $8,000. AI can live in our computers or on the web and write sports articles and compose music. They seem to hold down jobs and be able to make critical decisions. The question of whether AI… Continue reading Is Artificial Intelligence Entitled to Personhood?

Humans Need not Apply: what to do with mass unemployment

AI is a far reaching concern that stretches much further than an immediate need for a better understanding of where ethics come from. It goes to the heart of economics as well. Automation has reduced the number of manual labourers, which has permitted highly skilled specialisations in medicine, science, engineering, philosophy, technology, politics and more… Continue reading Humans Need not Apply: what to do with mass unemployment

Competing Vitae: I think I need to ‘embellish’ my CV

I am an honest person. I’m not necessarily very open, but I am honest(ish). My default position is to assume a person deserves honesty. That can leave me in a bit of a pickle. My CV is an honest CV. Those really were my jobs, that really was my responsibility and above all these people… Continue reading Competing Vitae: I think I need to ‘embellish’ my CV