On the Contrary: defining “New Atheism”

Apparently, I am a New Atheist. In all meaningful timelines, this is true; I am only 25. On the scale of the universe, geology, biology, human culture or even Western Culture, I am new. But I am not sure the ideas I associate with nonbelief in a god are new. Atheism is the lack of… Continue reading On the Contrary: defining “New Atheism”

A Non-intervening God and The Problem of Suffering

Epicurus asked if God physically can stop suffering and whether He emotionally wants to. If God can stop suffering, clearly He doesn’t want to; if God wants to stop suffering, clearly He can’t. Else, if He can stop it and wants to, where is it coming from? But this problem removes particular definitions of God:… Continue reading A Non-intervening God and The Problem of Suffering

Epicurus and The Problem of Evil

The Newtown, Connecticut shooting that happened the other day has sparked the blogosphere—or at least the part of the blogosphere that I frequent—into a frenzy of conversation about God, Heaven and evil. I don’t want to talk about the shooting; I find it disrespectful to tie the shooting up in a theological discussion. The only… Continue reading Epicurus and The Problem of Evil