A brief thought on that taboo racial slur and a more racist term

There exists a word, an anagram of ‘Ginger’, that is still taboo. I even hesitated to use it in the title of this post. Although (oh my, does this count as a trigger warning?) I am going to use that word in the rest of this post, as soon as I’m reasonably confident I have… Continue reading A brief thought on that taboo racial slur and a more racist term

A Brain Dump RE: Feminism

What follows is a brain dump of ideas relating to feminism. I accuse feminism of being sexist towards women by having a disproportionate response to things that may not be issues, while neglecting things that really are issues. I also pose a handful of better ways for feminism to progress. In many respects, I’m simply… Continue reading A Brain Dump RE: Feminism

Humanist Weddings, Equality and Aggression

This morning Facebook directed me towards a clip from 'The Big Questions', a BBC series that runs in the UK. They tackle three questions in an episode and the Big Question the clip is of is this: "Should humanists have equal rights to religions?" To be honest, the question made me laugh. I've long believed… Continue reading Humanist Weddings, Equality and Aggression

10. The Biblical God doesn’t Care so much about Women

When it comes to the question of whether God exists, the implicit argument here is that because God is not very nice God doesn’t exist (or, at least, because the Biblical God is not very nice the Biblical God does not exist). I was worried this chapter would chew the same cud as the last… Continue reading 10. The Biblical God doesn’t Care so much about Women

Why Do Women Wear Make-Up?

Women, generally, wear make-up. Men, generally, do not. I’m not opening with a ground breaking observation, am I? There is an argument that this is the case because men have decided women should be judged on their appearance and thus when women wear make-up they are conforming to their own subjugation. There may be a… Continue reading Why Do Women Wear Make-Up?