Are atheists overconfident

Over at, a contributor called JH McKenna has written an article arguing that the concept of God is so incredible on its face that educated western people are not even inclined to investigate it any more. He teaches the history of religious ideas and has a PhD, so when he says he asks atheists… Continue reading Are atheists overconfident

Values and Evidence

In the last post I discussed a spectrum of genres of existence. They went from a physical reality to a conceptual reality unbounded by sense data. I finished talking about the need for evidence when one is talking about the physical reality and existence, and so the appropriate follow up, so far as I see,… Continue reading Values and Evidence

Does evidence undermine religion?

Again, watching the BBC’s The Big Questions, I stumbled across a question I would like to discuss. The format of the show ― and, no doubt, the decisions the producers have to make for the sake of the audience and time ― limits the ability of the surely great minds on the panel to have… Continue reading Does evidence undermine religion?

“Atheism rests on a less than satisfactory evidential basis”

Anyone who can utter or attempt to defend the position―as Alister McGraph did―that theism is a reasonable position because “atheism… rest[s] on a less-than-satisfactory evidential basis” simply doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Reasonable conversations do not work that way: they do not attempt to destroy an opposing view (presented accurately, or not) and then… Continue reading “Atheism rests on a less than satisfactory evidential basis”

xPrae: How I defeated you so soundly (Part 6: the whining hyper-scepticism of facts you don’t like)

This post is going to catharticly address the hypocrisy of the blogger, xPrae, on the topic of facts evidence, as well as give a short introduction into when sources and evidence are useful. I don’t know why I do this, xPrae has so few followers as to be irrelevant. However, his pseudo-conversation was fun at… Continue reading xPrae: How I defeated you so soundly (Part 6: the whining hyper-scepticism of facts you don’t like)

Questions for Theists.

What follows is 10 questions aimed at theists, along with an explanation as to why the questions are meaningful. The questions are sincere, as they have been the stumbling blocks to many a conversation about religion. What is contained in the explanations that follow the questions is not meant to limit a theist’s response, and… Continue reading Questions for Theists.

Of Atheists and Aliens

A lot of atheists believe in aliens. At least, Dean Smith’s post on the blog Open The Word seems to claim so. Initially I doubted the claim and so I went on a search of reasons not to doubt the claim. A sort of optimistic Descartes-ian fact-finding mission. (I actually gave up on this endeavour… Continue reading Of Atheists and Aliens

Are science and God Irreconcilable? Another perspective

Science can be seen as a method of creating reasoned knowledge through reliance on evidence, incredulous scepticism and human imagination. Each of these has its own function within the knowledge-creating methods of science. Evidence is probably the most easily recognised cornerstone of science, as evidence directs our thinking and grounds our area of scope. Imagination,… Continue reading Are science and God Irreconcilable? Another perspective

Science is Ruthless

A friend of mine is a much more outspoken sceptic than I am. He spends his day around people with beliefs so unbelievable that I simply don't believe it is worth the energy debunking them: homeopathy, moon farming, healing crystals, psychic counselling... trust me, the list goes on. Said friend will always explain to these… Continue reading Science is Ruthless