13. Everybody has Faith

The thirteenth now in my series about the book God or Godless? As all religious discussion eventually do, the Christian here has begun to assert that atheists have faith too. Is it a faith claim to assert that a believe should be supported by evidence? The entire debate comes down to that question. And the… Continue reading 13. Everybody has Faith

Review: The Jägermeister Experiment

In an earlier post I put up a mock, non-peer reviewed article called The Jägermeister Experiment. I now want to tear it to shreds, to show how terribly bad mediocre-looking science is. This is what peer review is (or another example of peer review no further than my blog, look at the comments under Holy… Continue reading Review: The Jägermeister Experiment

Climate Change, Agriculture and the Ice Age that Wasn’t

Given that I’ve been talking a lot about how evidence works recently (what might convince me of time travel and something that still hasn’t convinced me of ghosts), I thought it might be fun to talk about something else that is, quite probably, unknowable. There is a hypothesis that human caused climate change started 10,000… Continue reading Climate Change, Agriculture and the Ice Age that Wasn’t

Holy Ghosts: ghost stories

“We are entitled to some muddled thinking now and then” said my new friend, Steve (fake name). Steve is an atheist, with a certain amount of superstition he can’t get out of his head. By that I mean Steve doesn’t like to say that he is an atheist because that might cause something bad to… Continue reading Holy Ghosts: ghost stories

The Tracks of my Tears: evidence for time travel

I promised Physics and Whiskey that I would look into time travel and then try to provide some information about what I would accept as convincing evidence for time travel. The first step in this process is to have a look at what, exactly, time travel means. And that means having a look at the… Continue reading The Tracks of my Tears: evidence for time travel

With the Universe as My Crime Scene

I am not a fan of language games. I consider them things to be solved or fixed; I consider them tricks and deceit. However, in the religious debate language games abound. One of the biggest ones is about definitions. The one I want to discuss now is the claim that “there is no proof that… Continue reading With the Universe as My Crime Scene

What Made You Believe? The evidence for God

(Spoiler: None) As an atheist, I receive the occasional benign criticism for holding to a belief in atheism as firmly as the religious hold to their belief. The conversation can go on, where I can ask what, exactly, my belief is (because atheism only tells you something I don’t believe, it tells you nothing of… Continue reading What Made You Believe? The evidence for God

The Hidden God

Austin Dacey has inspired this post. Someone I follow put up a blog about it, and then within the same week Youtube recommended the video to me. Austin Dacey uses many arguments, but this one is the most interesting to me. He calls it the Hiddenness of God but when I wrote that WordPress’ proofreading… Continue reading The Hidden God

The Evidence for Objective (secular) Morality

In an earlier post I said that you should only believe things for which there is evidence. Otherwise you believe any idea that pops into your head without a reliable filtering mechanism. For the most part on this blog, that I do this is obvious. But I’m sure many people would question whether that is… Continue reading The Evidence for Objective (secular) Morality

God as a Superfluous Footnote to Science

You may be one of the moderate or scientific religious people. If you’re not sure, let me approximately describe what those people are: they believe life originated by some chemical process around 3.5 billion years ago, consistent with abiogenesis. But they equally believe a pre-existent intelligence guided the chemical process, and this intelligence gave the… Continue reading God as a Superfluous Footnote to Science