If the majority of people stopped believing in God, what would stop the world from falling into anarchy?

I watched ‘12 Years a Slave’ the other day. To be honest, I don't know whether I like it. I think there is a certain art in film making which includes being able to tell the story without the graphic and overwhelming demonstrations ‘12 Years a Slave’ relied on. However, there was a conversation between… Continue reading If the majority of people stopped believing in God, what would stop the world from falling into anarchy?

Does evidence undermine religion?

Again, watching the BBC’s The Big Questions, I stumbled across a question I would like to discuss. The format of the show ― and, no doubt, the decisions the producers have to make for the sake of the audience and time ― limits the ability of the surely great minds on the panel to have… Continue reading Does evidence undermine religion?

“Atheism rests on a less than satisfactory evidential basis”

Anyone who can utter or attempt to defend the position―as Alister McGraph did―that theism is a reasonable position because “atheism… rest[s] on a less-than-satisfactory evidential basis” simply doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Reasonable conversations do not work that way: they do not attempt to destroy an opposing view (presented accurately, or not) and then… Continue reading “Atheism rests on a less than satisfactory evidential basis”

Ethics by Discussion or by Fiat

According to a commenter on Blogging Theology, violence is the fault of Godlessness. It's a frequent comment and it pervades for two reasons: establishing crime statistics, motives and demographics is not easy, and the accusation seems to stick. The accusation probably sticks because it seems obvious. But obvious is not the same as true. This… Continue reading Ethics by Discussion or by Fiat

Writing a Book?

I have joined the legion of people who have decided to write a book. I have had an interest in the God-conversation since I started university in 2007 and that’s basically meant 7 years of pontification and research; I reckon I’m more knowledgeable on God than I am my own degree: Geography. (That said, I… Continue reading Writing a Book?

13. Everybody has Faith

The thirteenth now in my series about the book God or Godless? As all religious discussion eventually do, the Christian here has begun to assert that atheists have faith too. Is it a faith claim to assert that a believe should be supported by evidence? The entire debate comes down to that question. And the… Continue reading 13. Everybody has Faith

Political Response to Woolwich (and a defence of the religious moderate)

"The tragic events in Woolwich last week obviously are the most important thing to the friends, families and communities involved. But in terms of a measured political response we need to consider the statistics: how often does something like this happen? What level of risk might we be limiting civil liberties in order to combat?"… Continue reading Political Response to Woolwich (and a defence of the religious moderate)

Do Atheists believe in God and deceive themselves?

Lindeman, M et al (2013) Atheists become emotionally aroused when daring God to do terrible things is available for free from the International Journal for the Psychology of Religion. The study measured different people's emotional arousal by proxy of their skin conductance. The participants were given statements in three categories: neutral, offensive and God. As… Continue reading Do Atheists believe in God and deceive themselves?

What Made You Believe? The evidence for God

(Spoiler: None) As an atheist, I receive the occasional benign criticism for holding to a belief in atheism as firmly as the religious hold to their belief. The conversation can go on, where I can ask what, exactly, my belief is (because atheism only tells you something I don’t believe, it tells you nothing of… Continue reading What Made You Believe? The evidence for God