Comfortable Media will Kill Real Journalism

Comfortable media is that media which is easy to write, because it’s general conclusion is pre-agreed: it’s the incendiary, the extreme, the media where the author would claim to know the motives and deep ideology of an entire group better than anyone. As a result, “comfortable media” is also the media that is easy to… Continue reading Comfortable Media will Kill Real Journalism

1,000 People Want You to Click This!!!

“Persuasion” sounds like an insidious thing; a perfect persuasion technique could convince you to do anything, regardless of whether you want to do it. And yet, by writing this post, there is some level of persuasion happening; anyone who has opted for a personal trainer has chosen to be persuaded; and social media thrives on… Continue reading 1,000 People Want You to Click This!!!

Why I’m still against Brexit: it’s undemocratic

As inflammatory as many people may take this, the day Article 50 is triggered will be the say that democracy was subverted in the 'Brexit' discourse. It will have been triggered on the back of an awfully constructed opinion poll, violations of the principles of democracy and contrary to how British democracy has functioned for… Continue reading Why I’m still against Brexit: it’s undemocratic