A Case Study in Apologetics

In previous posts I argued discussions that aim at a representation of reality are a game, bound by rules of rationality and evidence. But, it’s not the only game in town and another one is apologetics ― bound by rules of contrived reason, aiming to look like rationality but aiming in a completely different direction.… Continue reading A Case Study in Apologetics

Responding to Bema Sheep’s Open Letter

Dear Bema Sheep, I read your letter with curiosity and thought it interesting to respond. This is due mainly to the binary opening passages which grabbed my attention for all the wrong reasons. But it may be an opportunity for me to restate some things about atheism and make some interesting comments about science. You… Continue reading Responding to Bema Sheep’s Open Letter

15 Questions for Atheists

I found 15 questions (and answers) for atheists here, but the original is apparently here (I say "apparently", because they're rehashing of old questions). The questions are brilliant misunderstandings of terms, scientific research and reason. I answer the questions to address the mistakes assumed in the question, because we basically already know the answers. Are you… Continue reading 15 Questions for Atheists

The Nietzsche Fallacy

In a previous post I made a call for a new informal fallacy: The Nietzsche fallacy. But as another blogger pointed out, I did do a rather poor job of explaining it; it needs some expansion (the post was in the series of twenty posts I wrote on the book God or Godless?. The book… Continue reading The Nietzsche Fallacy