“Atheism rests on a less than satisfactory evidential basis”

Anyone who can utter or attempt to defend the position―as Alister McGraph did―that theism is a reasonable position because “atheism… rest[s] on a less-than-satisfactory evidential basis” simply doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Reasonable conversations do not work that way: they do not attempt to destroy an opposing view (presented accurately, or not) and then… Continue reading “Atheism rests on a less than satisfactory evidential basis”

My T-Shirts

These are my most provocative t-shirts. I don't mean he-look-sexy-in-that t-shirts (because I look sexy in everything). I mean these t-shirts make other people want to punch me in my facial area.   Let me take a moment to justify these t-shirts, starting with the easiest one to defend. The grey one with the slogan… Continue reading My T-Shirts

Observations from Having Manual Labouring Jobs and Meeting Chicks

Recently I have jumped around a few manual labouring jobs and had interviews and I'm starting to get confused about the etiquette of the hand-shake. I've also met girls at pubs, because that is what you do when you're single and have nothing to wake up early for. Neither of my related observations are worthy… Continue reading Observations from Having Manual Labouring Jobs and Meeting Chicks