19. Jesus was Resurrected, so Who do You Think Resurrected Him?

Jesus had a brother. This brother doubted there was anything divine about Jesus (a great guy, but God? He ain’t heavy… he’s my brother). But after Jesus’ death his brother—James—lead the Jerusalem Christians. Why would he turn from a doubter to a believer? On a related note, I received a junk email from a girl… Continue reading 19. Jesus was Resurrected, so Who do You Think Resurrected Him?

Legalising Cannabis

Cannabis is, and for some time has been, a class B drug; very illegal, for those who wonder what that means. But the government is in a long-standing argument with its former drugs advisor professor David Nutt and his research team, The Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs (ISCD). The ISCD’s research suggests that if we rank drugs… Continue reading Legalising Cannabis