Is it the Best Myth for the Goal?

Myths ― and the idea of them As I argued a few weeks ago, the material world definitely exists. The material seems concrete to us, and it exists in the most agreeable sense of the word. We are all aware that there is a deeper sense to this, and that the material is simply mind-driven… Continue reading Is it the Best Myth for the Goal?

To exist

What does it mean to exist? I obviously can’t answer that ― no one can. But permit me, if you will, a perspective. I think existence can be subdivided into genres of existence, and not everything that is ‘true’ necessarily exists. There is the most obvious kind of existence, which is a physical presence in… Continue reading To exist

The Conscious Dream

The harder I tried to burn away my past the higher the shadows it cast leapt up in front of me; I had escaped nothing. With the flames lapping at my feet, here I was; a dark tunnel; just me and him with it further up ahead. The air was still and stagnant. My flashlight… Continue reading The Conscious Dream

Abstract Science, part 2 – Flatland

For part two of this series I have to delve into the world of fiction. But I’m not going to say why until the third post. The fiction I am going to discuss is an 1884 Victorian satire called Flatland: A romance of many dimensions, by Edwin Abbot. It is set in a two dimensional… Continue reading Abstract Science, part 2 – Flatland