Huel is the Future: ethical and nutritionally balanced, great tasting human fuel

Huel (human fuel, get it?) is a powdered, nutritionally complete, vegan food that can replace most of your meals. If food is, to you, little more than a way of satiating hunger and then making you feel guilty about your poor diet choices, Huel is the solution. It can sate your hunger, provide a healthy… Continue reading Huel is the Future: ethical and nutritionally balanced, great tasting human fuel

Doing Science (2) Sports supplement index.

In my last post I said I have science to do. That may have been a little misleading, because this is about to be another example of why some science simply hasn't been done. I've been into my fitness for a while now, including on-and-off use of protein supplements (and creatine, but never for long).… Continue reading Doing Science (2) Sports supplement index.

Update on the Paleo diet

I promised updates on how my two-week dabble with the paleo diet. Then, in the two weeks since I started, I didn't update at all. I've finished it now, so I think this may be the best time to reflect. Also, there is some science near the end, if science is more your style. As… Continue reading Update on the Paleo diet

Temporarily on the Paleo Diet and other Me-Related Things

I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions; if you want to change something in your life, start now. There is no good reason to wait until New Year or a birthday or some other milestone. That said, over the last few years something has happened to me around New Year: I’ve had break-ups, been… Continue reading Temporarily on the Paleo Diet and other Me-Related Things

Transience and My Hobbies

I lift weights. That’s not facetious, I mean I go a gym and I lift up precisely weighted and shaped lumps of metal called dumbbells. As a result I am very strong, for my weight class (under-80 kg; under 176 lbs). I am not strong in any absolute terms, or even on the human scale… Continue reading Transience and My Hobbies

My Eclectic Musings

My last few posts have been about an eclectic mix of things: a linguistic question on the difference between facts and opinions, the Higgs boson and flooding in the Southwest of England, an environmental opinion on Pandas, a brief snippet of my own thinking process using an etch-a-sketch and some health and fitness advice. I’m… Continue reading My Eclectic Musings

Getting Fit and Saving Money: start with diet

Once again, I am not following what my readers might expect of me. This is a post of how you can tweak your diet for the sake of your health and your wallet. I might write a post at another time explaining how I came to know any of this. A friend of mine, who… Continue reading Getting Fit and Saving Money: start with diet