Huel is the Future: ethical and nutritionally balanced, great tasting human fuel

Huel (human fuel, get it?) is a powdered, nutritionally complete, vegan food that can replace most of your meals. If food is, to you, little more than a way of satiating hunger and then making you feel guilty about your poor diet choices, Huel is the solution. It can sate your hunger, provide a healthy… Continue reading Huel is the Future: ethical and nutritionally balanced, great tasting human fuel

Are Dogs Rational Actors?

However, I told my friend I was going to devise an experiment to test the claim that dogs are rational actors. The experiment is this: over the next week I will place post-meal plates, bowls and saucepans on the floor as an offer to my labrador and then take them away randomly. Each item has different amounts of food on them.

Politics based on Ideals

Fiction is the answer to real world issues. It’s not apparent at first, but if we turn to fiction―particularly science fiction―then we are offered glimpses into what the future can look like. Utopian societies share very common themes, none of these themes are corporate control, environmental destruction or unsafe food additives; universal healthcare is a… Continue reading Politics based on Ideals

Review: The Jägermeister Experiment

In an earlier post I put up a mock, non-peer reviewed article called The Jägermeister Experiment. I now want to tear it to shreds, to show how terribly bad mediocre-looking science is. This is what peer review is (or another example of peer review no further than my blog, look at the comments under Holy… Continue reading Review: The Jägermeister Experiment

The Jägermeister Experiment

Introduction On experience, the more inebriated or intoxicated a person becomes the greater their tolerance is for foods that person finds objectionable when they are sober. This phenomenon has economic impacts, such as the success of Turkish-styled kebab houses that stay open into the night for the drunk-custom. ‘Drunk-custom’ is the name given to people… Continue reading The Jägermeister Experiment

The Imaginary Pet

Here is what may well be the nerdiest pet peeve you ever hear of. I don't like the mathematical but imaginary number i. Even the fact that I have to press ctrl+i, i and then go through Word’s autocorrect features and undo the automatic capitalisation irritates me. But the thing that really irritates me is that it’s… Continue reading The Imaginary Pet

Horse Meat in My Burgers. Yum.

When I buy Tesco’s Value beef burgers (and I do) I fully acknowledge that their real name is Tesco’s Value Animal Product Patties. I’ve always accepted that there was a high risk that I’m not eating beef. I thought it would be hooves and kidneys. But horse? I’m getting horse meat, that cheap? Bargain. If… Continue reading Horse Meat in My Burgers. Yum.