My T-Shirts

These are my most provocative t-shirts. I don't mean he-look-sexy-in-that t-shirts (because I look sexy in everything). I mean these t-shirts make other people want to punch me in my facial area.   Let me take a moment to justify these t-shirts, starting with the easiest one to defend. The grey one with the slogan… Continue reading My T-Shirts

The Value of What you Have

Never under-estimate the value of the things you have. I want to share two stories with you just to show the power of one of the most valuable things around: friendship. As I’ve mentioned many times (because I’m a boastful pain in the rump) I went to Thailand. And I had a good time. Not… Continue reading The Value of What you Have

The Last Two Weeks and How Zombies Make You Happy

My posts have been scheduled for a while now. So although it looks like I’ve been busy at around 7pm (GMT) every day, I was actually busy on two days in early January while I wrote out a lot of ideas that bounced around my head. I have actually been in the real world ever… Continue reading The Last Two Weeks and How Zombies Make You Happy

The Masks We Wear; The People We Are

“You built your walls so high that no one could climb it. But I’m gonna try. Won’t you tell me see beneath your beautiful” We all wear masks. Sometimes we wear the masks of people we want to be: stronger people who can endure through our burdens and come out the other side happy; adventurous… Continue reading The Masks We Wear; The People We Are

Getting to Know an Old Friend

I’m sat on a sofa and I’m not very comfortable. I don’t know if that’s the sofa or my skin, but my skin hasn’t been comfortable for a while now. I’m having to insist that I really don’t want alcohol, I’m not feeling particularly up to it and I haven’t felt up for alcohol for… Continue reading Getting to Know an Old Friend

Start 2013 with ‘Why I’m not Saving You in the Event of an Apocalypse’

If the apocalypse was coming, and you knew it, who would you save? That’s not an easy question and it plays your emotions off against your critical thinking almost immediately. When it comes to my family I know I’d save the eldest of my younger brothers; he is a useful, athletic and agile mind of… Continue reading Start 2013 with ‘Why I’m not Saving You in the Event of an Apocalypse’

Why I Don’t Like New Year’s Eve

I’m not sentimental about time; my birthday doesn’t really bother me and I feel no particular urge to celebrate New Year. Even Easter has become something that I celebrate for the sake of my younger siblings and chocolate, not because I particularly care about Easter. Christmas is an exception to this, I am sentimental about… Continue reading Why I Don’t Like New Year’s Eve