The Ontological Argument for God – and why it’s nonsense

There is an argument for God called the ‘Ontological argument’ and it received an ambivalent welcome whenever it is trotted out, which seems increasingly rarely. It isn’t at all compelling, and yet that appears to be irrational because it’s rare to see someone actually attack the premises or the structure. However, that, today, is what… Continue reading The Ontological Argument for God – and why it’s nonsense

15 Questions for Atheists

I found 15 questions (and answers) for atheists here, but the original is apparently here (I say "apparently", because they're rehashing of old questions). The questions are brilliant misunderstandings of terms, scientific research and reason. I answer the questions to address the mistakes assumed in the question, because we basically already know the answers. Are you… Continue reading 15 Questions for Atheists

22 Messages from Creationists to People Who Believe in Evolution

That Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate happened, apparently. I haven’t watched it. I have, however, stumbled across a Buzzfeed article by Matt Stopera with the title I have given this post. It is a series of pictures he took of creationists with questions they wanted to pose to Bill Nye. I thought I’d weigh… Continue reading 22 Messages from Creationists to People Who Believe in Evolution

The Hilarity of Human Genitals

Evolution, in all its elegance, has neglected some part of us. Evolution has selected for the beautiful curves of a woman’s body, and the delta-shape of men. Evolution has selected our parts on utility and on aesthetics (called sexual selection*). But when it comes to the mushy parts we smoosh together to further the human… Continue reading The Hilarity of Human Genitals

Women Aren’t Funny?

It is always fun to disagree with Christopher Hitchens. And from what I know about him, he won’t mind at all that I have the audacity to disagree with him even though he’s dead; he won’t mind anything much at all. But he did once write an article called “Why Women Aren’t Funny”, which skips… Continue reading Women Aren’t Funny?

Why No Funnies?

“Why no funnies?” asked no one who reads my blog. Although, it is a good question. I do think I’m funny. So why am I not funny on this blog? One of the answers is structure. I am not a joke-telling kind of funny; I am a conversational kind of funny: banter. Not the my-friends-accuse-me-of-being-sexually-inappropriate… Continue reading Why No Funnies?

England-based Hilarity (Sharing a post from a friend)

England, one of the big homes of the Enlightenment, and the birth place of Stephen Hawking, Newton, Bertrand Russell, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Thomas Malthus, is full of idiots. I lament the idiocy of my home country. Did you know, for example, that a school in Essex is banning triangle shaped flapjacks because they are… Continue reading England-based Hilarity (Sharing a post from a friend)