Values and Evidence

In the last post I discussed a spectrum of genres of existence. They went from a physical reality to a conceptual reality unbounded by sense data. I finished talking about the need for evidence when one is talking about the physical reality and existence, and so the appropriate follow up, so far as I see,… Continue reading Values and Evidence

I am a Charmless Husk

I know I’ve already discussed my inactive Bluetooth, but the problem runs deeper still. A few months ago a friend and I decided to enter the greatest in manliness, hairiness and meat-eating competitions by signing up to an online mating (not a typo) site. We pitted our manliness against each other by trying to see… Continue reading I am a Charmless Husk

The Masks We Wear; The People We Are

“You built your walls so high that no one could climb it. But I’m gonna try. Won’t you tell me see beneath your beautiful” We all wear masks. Sometimes we wear the masks of people we want to be: stronger people who can endure through our burdens and come out the other side happy; adventurous… Continue reading The Masks We Wear; The People We Are