Confession: after 5 weeks working out of a Catholic school’s grounds

I am currently working in a managerial role in a Catholic School. I'm not actually working for the Catholic School, I am working for a separate organisation that is renting the site for during the Summer Holidays. And in the spirit on being in a Catholic environment, I thought I might give a small series… Continue reading Confession: after 5 weeks working out of a Catholic school’s grounds

5 Being in Bratislava

The week did, as weeks tend to do, go on. I taught reported speech “He said she said” so that my students can gossip about each other in English. But, much more appropriately, I taught them how a court case works in English: a judge, a jury, a lawyer and a verdict. That may be… Continue reading 5 Being in Bratislava

4 The Late Arrival of Officer Schwarzenegger

Simon, our drunken lost boy, was now well on his way to making a complete arse of himself. He had gotten himself fired by three different people in the same company in one evening by shouting undirected abuse. One of the things I had missed was that apparently he had been physically abusive to our… Continue reading 4 The Late Arrival of Officer Schwarzenegger