The NHS: it’s necessary to reform our national gem

I like the National Health Service (NHS). I like knowing that my healthcare is free at the point of use. That means I really do not like to impending danger of the UK losing the NHS. We in the UK are likely to lose the NHS to steady erosion. And those who constantly bicker and… Continue reading The NHS: it’s necessary to reform our national gem

Chilli Cherry Hot Chocolate

I was stranded in an airport a few weeks ago because I turned up extremely early to a remote airport in Germany. I was there 9 hours before check in. I passed the time with many things, one of which was flirting with an Irish girl who was on a much earlier flight to Dublin.… Continue reading Chilli Cherry Hot Chocolate

A Challenge to The Moral Landscape

The other week I explained the basics of ‘The Moral Landscape’ to my dad, and then made an argument in favour of its premise: morality is borne out of wellbeing. He almost immediately gave me a challenge that stumped me, and a little later I shared that challenge with my brother. My brother almost immediately… Continue reading A Challenge to The Moral Landscape