Pascal’s Wager is a lie

Pascal’s Wager is a lie. Here’s the issue: the wager is essentially a gambling matrix, with two options in reality and two options that you can believe in. The two possible realities are Christianity or Atheism (if you’re a Muslim, the options are Islam and Atheism ― continue to substitute your own God in as… Continue reading Pascal’s Wager is a lie

Maps of Meaning, discussion – Part 4b, Peterson applied to Moana

I rewatched Moana, and one thing about Maps of Meaning became clear: Peterson is right about the basic narrative and cast of myths and stories. What I still struggle with is the psychological necessity of these stories to capture values and meaning, or why these arcs are the ones that resonate with us. But, I… Continue reading Maps of Meaning, discussion – Part 4b, Peterson applied to Moana

Religion is Bad

This is an oddly controversial topic, even for my clearly-atheist blog. You can almost smell the qualifications and caveats I’m going to offer as I go. But religion is bad. From the religions which famously teach violence, like Islam, to the religions which teach unwavering peace, like Jainism, religion is bad. It doesn’t matter how… Continue reading Religion is Bad