1,000 People Want You to Click This!!!

“Persuasion” sounds like an insidious thing; a perfect persuasion technique could convince you to do anything, regardless of whether you want to do it. And yet, by writing this post, there is some level of persuasion happening; anyone who has opted for a personal trainer has chosen to be persuaded; and social media thrives on… Continue reading 1,000 People Want You to Click This!!!


Humans Need not Apply: what to do with mass unemployment

AI is a far reaching concern that stretches much further than an immediate need for a better understanding of where ethics come from. It goes to the heart of economics as well. Automation has reduced the number of manual labourers, which has permitted highly skilled specialisations in medicine, science, engineering, philosophy, technology, politics and more… Continue reading Humans Need not Apply: what to do with mass unemployment

Lidl and Ethics (and a quick brain dump of ideas)

The idea in evolutionary psychology that our ethical intuitions are ingrained into our genetics seems repugnant and counter-intuitive to many. It seems obvious to so many commenters of the topic that the selfish gene should program only for selfish behaviour. And so the nuance of the idea, that cooperation is more successful than competition and so… Continue reading Lidl and Ethics (and a quick brain dump of ideas)

The Whining Left, Democracy and Politics of the Future

I voted Labour. Everyone I know who actually voted, voted Labour (unless they voted Green, which is not voting). Except, a lot of people I know who voted haven’t told me who they voted for. They voted Conservative. And I think that is the cause of the protests; because the Conservative voters are quieter, no… Continue reading The Whining Left, Democracy and Politics of the Future

Seeing the Doctor in the Information Age

Thanks to the age of information, an age that should be historically remembered as the "Google Era", there are now only two types of GP. The first type of GP is one that you tell all of your symptoms to and they give you the diagnosis and you think this: What am I doing here?… Continue reading Seeing the Doctor in the Information Age