19. Jesus was Resurrected, so Who do You Think Resurrected Him?

Jesus had a brother. This brother doubted there was anything divine about Jesus (a great guy, but God? He ain’t heavy… he’s my brother). But after Jesus’ death his brother—James—lead the Jerusalem Christians. Why would he turn from a doubter to a believer? On a related note, I received a junk email from a girl… Continue reading 19. Jesus was Resurrected, so Who do You Think Resurrected Him?

History cannot Prove Jesus’ Resurrection

Anyone that has studied history as an investigative discipline (i.e. the historical method) will know that history cannot prove Jesus’ resurrection, even if it happened. The investigative form of history is the form that concerns itself with the methods and the question how do we know, instead of the body of knowledge. For those that… Continue reading History cannot Prove Jesus’ Resurrection

How Reliable are the Gospels?

I have some links to share and discuss. I want to have a look at the possibility that there is a big difference between real events that happened 2,000 years ago and the way that the Bible eventually got them written down. I’m not going to have a look at the actual contents of the… Continue reading How Reliable are the Gospels?