Happy and Ignorant or Miserable and Knowledgeable

In my last post I said I would choose happiness and ignorance over misery and knowledge, if somehow those were my options, almost without hesitation. But it wasn’t without hesitation. I took many years to overcome my sense of pride that I associate with knowledge and to recognise the true bliss of just being happy.… Continue reading Happy and Ignorant or Miserable and Knowledgeable

The Last Two Weeks and How Zombies Make You Happy

My posts have been scheduled for a while now. So although it looks like I’ve been busy at around 7pm (GMT) every day, I was actually busy on two days in early January while I wrote out a lot of ideas that bounced around my head. I have actually been in the real world ever… Continue reading The Last Two Weeks and How Zombies Make You Happy

In a Post-Apocalyptic World

The zombies are coming. You have an escape route out the back, but you need to make sure the path is zombie-free. Your girlfriend is injured and slow from the last attack, but she’s not infected—and that’ll teach you to not have an escape route planned. More importantly, she’s good with a gun. There aren’t… Continue reading In a Post-Apocalyptic World