Huel is the Future: ethical and nutritionally balanced, great tasting human fuel

Huel (human fuel, get it?) is a powdered, nutritionally complete, vegan food that can replace most of your meals. If food is, to you, little more than a way of satiating hunger and then making you feel guilty about your poor diet choices, Huel is the solution. It can sate your hunger, provide a healthy… Continue reading Huel is the Future: ethical and nutritionally balanced, great tasting human fuel

“Doctors are furious…” and other advert slogans.

You've probably noticed, when you're shopping on a totally legitimate  site for some bargain, or reading the drivel that passes as journalism from your Facebook feed, weird adverts. Adverts that tell you dentists are outraged that a mother has release a tooth-whitening secret, or that doctors are furious at some cure for baldness, or health professionals… Continue reading “Doctors are furious…” and other advert slogans.

Does “Anecdotes” mean “Evidence”? Spiritual healing and public health

In my previous post I said anecdotes can be used as evidence, if the conditions are correct. That is a controversial statement, so does need to be explained. And, here I plan to do that by giving you one example of when anecdotes do work and when they don't. In typical-teacher fashion, I am going to… Continue reading Does “Anecdotes” mean “Evidence”? Spiritual healing and public health

Social Cost of Taboo

A taboo is an unspoken social rule of omission: things you may not talk about. You have every right to say it, but people agree that the speaker will come off badly if they do. Obesity is one of these, where telling a fat person they are fat means the speaker comes off worse than… Continue reading Social Cost of Taboo

The Social Cost of Ignorance

It is not uncommon to be asked why I feel critical thinking and research are important. There are two key reasons: one is that I do not like the idea of middle-minded conservative people with antiquated ideas feeling they have a right to run a country without reason; second is the fact one needs to… Continue reading The Social Cost of Ignorance

Legalising Drugs: stop the War on Drugs

During prohibition, alcoholism rates tripled. That’s how good making thing illegal is at stopping people from doing them. For every person that abused alcohol before prohibition, there came three. That is the opposite of what such a law is for. Evidence suggests abuse levels are lower where the drugs are legal (I’m still thinking prohibition,… Continue reading Legalising Drugs: stop the War on Drugs

Seeing the Doctor in the Information Age

Thanks to the age of information, an age that should be historically remembered as the "Google Era", there are now only two types of GP. The first type of GP is one that you tell all of your symptoms to and they give you the diagnosis and you think this: What am I doing here?… Continue reading Seeing the Doctor in the Information Age

Legalising Cannabis

Cannabis is, and for some time has been, a class B drug; very illegal, for those who wonder what that means. But the government is in a long-standing argument with its former drugs advisor professor David Nutt and his research team, The Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs (ISCD). The ISCD’s research suggests that if we rank drugs… Continue reading Legalising Cannabis

Getting Fit and Saving Money: start with diet

Once again, I am not following what my readers might expect of me. This is a post of how you can tweak your diet for the sake of your health and your wallet. I might write a post at another time explaining how I came to know any of this. A friend of mine, who… Continue reading Getting Fit and Saving Money: start with diet