Freewill and human moral evils

Human moral evils1 are things intentionally done by people who cause suffering. If a god capable of altering our will prioritises our freedom to commit these evils over our wellbeing, such evils—like child abuse—must be fostered so long some people will to do it2. Alternatively, human moral evils are part of a god’s toolkit for… Continue reading Freewill and human moral evils

Do People Need the Idea of Heaven?

There is a TV show in the UK called The Big Questions. The other week the show asked the question ‘Do people need the idea of Heaven?’ Hungover, I watched the superficial commentary the participants had while trying desperately not to offend anyone; I wrote notes into my phone. I have been busy since then.… Continue reading Do People Need the Idea of Heaven?

On Heaven and Objective Purpose

For the sake of this post I shall use the terms “objective purpose”, “objective value” and “objective meaning” interchangeably; their definitions are interdependent and in places indistinguishable from each other. Here is not a place worth separating out their subtle nuances. Imagine playing tennis, without keeping score. You may begin to notice certain differences between… Continue reading On Heaven and Objective Purpose

How Can the Religious Explain Evolution?

I do not see how a theist can square evolution with their own view of a god. One issue is that of when our evolutionary chain was endowed with a soul: when was it? Anyone who really thinks about the implications of evolution on ideas like ‘humanity’ will realise any line drawn in our evolutionary… Continue reading How Can the Religious Explain Evolution?