Euthanasia: rights and responsibilities

The argument around euthanasia is a complicated one, and I want to add a new element to it. The current questions are about whether one has the right to choose to take a life if it is their own; whether another person has the right to take the life of a consenting person; when consent… Continue reading Euthanasia: rights and responsibilities

Do People Need the Idea of Heaven?

There is a TV show in the UK called The Big Questions. The other week the show asked the question ‘Do people need the idea of Heaven?’ Hungover, I watched the superficial commentary the participants had while trying desperately not to offend anyone; I wrote notes into my phone. I have been busy since then.… Continue reading Do People Need the Idea of Heaven?

On Gay Marriage

I am a bleeding-heart-bloody-liberal. I know that. So I want to make a quick case for gay marriage, and explain why the anti-gay marriage lobby are wrong. I shall start with the following two assumptions: (1) the default position should be that, absent of extraordinary circumstances, people should be equal; (2) there should be the… Continue reading On Gay Marriage