What is Identity?

Last week, at the pub, my brother asked me what I thought identity is. There was no real context; he interrupted our conversation about unsociable conversations* to say “you tend to think a lot, what do you think identity is?”. The truth is, this is not a conversation I have had often. I meditate (or,… Continue reading What is Identity?

The Masks We Wear; The People We Are

“You built your walls so high that no one could climb it. But I’m gonna try. Won’t you tell me see beneath your beautiful” We all wear masks. Sometimes we wear the masks of people we want to be: stronger people who can endure through our burdens and come out the other side happy; adventurous… Continue reading The Masks We Wear; The People We Are

Speak Freer; Speak Truer: it is who you are

How do you define yourself? Are there many versions of you? When a person says they want to help you be the best you, what does that mean; is there a spectrum of you? No. There is a core of you and then there’s cheap facades you put up in the hope that not everyone… Continue reading Speak Freer; Speak Truer: it is who you are