The Admission of Ignorance

Ignorance is something we all have to admit to on a pretty regular basis. We don't know! Science admits it with incredible frequency, even if only to justify its funding. "Science knows it doesn't know everything, else it would stop" as Dara O'Briain says. Ironically, the religious narrative is not beset by such humility. Despite… Continue reading The Admission of Ignorance

The Social Cost of Ignorance

It is not uncommon to be asked why I feel critical thinking and research are important. There are two key reasons: one is that I do not like the idea of middle-minded conservative people with antiquated ideas feeling they have a right to run a country without reason; second is the fact one needs to… Continue reading The Social Cost of Ignorance

Something Rather than Nothing?

As I am rebuilding my sources against the cosmological argument, I thought I might as well address the simpler version of it: Why is there something rather than nothing? I'm not going to discuss the "I don't know, therefore God" line of reasoning (as everyone I bother to engage with knows that's bad reasoning) I… Continue reading Something Rather than Nothing?