Bombing Syria? Really? (Part 2: Looking after British National Security?)

I am going to avoid the apparent and terrifying implication in the decision to bomb Syria to protect British National security: that foreign lives are somehow worth less than British lives. It’s a real implication, as the government has agreed to an unknown body count of foreign innocents to stave off terror attacks on British… Continue reading Bombing Syria? Really? (Part 2: Looking after British National Security?)

Bombing Syria? Really? (Part 1: What did it take government 10 hours to say?)

Here comes another mini-series. This time, discussing the UK government’s decision to bomb Syria (if you don’t want to miss an installment, follow me). I am going to keep this relatively short, because I am less well versed in politics. I want to give people who really do understand these ideas the opportunity to set… Continue reading Bombing Syria? Really? (Part 1: What did it take government 10 hours to say?)

The Linguistic Laziness of Religion

Attempting to use “sacred” as a persuasive word―as an objective quality about a thing―is laziness. It attempts to navigate around the need to actually explain why something might be important and just demands we lend something significance. When I was talking to art & life notes and they tried to convince me their interpretation of the Biblical definition of marriage was “sacred”, it killed their entire point.

Why is God-based morality superior?

God-based morality is not good morality. It cannot be. Firstly, despite all the arguments that there cannot be morality unless it is God-based, there are no tenets of God-based morality. If there were any, they’d remain unknowable. Secondly, there’s no way for us to distinguish good from evil on the God-based narrative. Thirdly, what possible… Continue reading Why is God-based morality superior?

Extremism and Terrorism

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo shootings, people form within the Muslim community have come out against the acts. This includes Imams as well as normal Muslims. I applaud this. It is about time! But some of what they have said is a little weird. Are these shooters and extremist really not Muslims? Because the… Continue reading Extremism and Terrorism


As many people are probably aware, Bill Maher hosted a “TV brawl” between Sam Harris and Ben Affleck (with Bill Maher being about as biased a host as you can be). The discussion was of “Islamophobia”, and it is an important discussion to have. The argument was one of Sam Harris citing polls where Muslims,… Continue reading Islamophobia?