the complete inferiority of Christian ethics. (xPrae: how I defeated you so soundly (part 5))

In this post, I am going to argue that Christianity is morally inferior to both Islam and atheism. Christianity purports to answer moral questions, but instead offers a loophole that bypasses and excuses all those possible answers to morality. Islam, at least, does have a clear moral message and lacks any obvious subversion of its… Continue reading the complete inferiority of Christian ethics. (xPrae: how I defeated you so soundly (part 5))

Quick Fire Round

New Testament Round If the rise of Christianity is evidence for the resurrection of Jesus, do you also believe in the tablets Joseph Smith claimed to find because of the rise of Mormonism? Sathya Sai Baba (died 2011) Sathya Sai Baba has witnesses to his miraculous healing of others, resurrections and virgin birth (among other miracles).… Continue reading Quick Fire Round

Atheism, Militancy and Tribalism

Religion and dogma can motivate violence in many ways. It can create a focus for a tribal identity that creates in-sympathies and out-aggressions; the Us/Them divide that can famously lead to dehumanising characterisations and violence. The other is the direct command from that dogma or religion to seek out violence against other people. The differences… Continue reading Atheism, Militancy and Tribalism

Extremism and Terrorism

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo shootings, people form within the Muslim community have come out against the acts. This includes Imams as well as normal Muslims. I applaud this. It is about time! But some of what they have said is a little weird. Are these shooters and extremist really not Muslims? Because the… Continue reading Extremism and Terrorism


As many people are probably aware, Bill Maher hosted a “TV brawl” between Sam Harris and Ben Affleck (with Bill Maher being about as biased a host as you can be). The discussion was of “Islamophobia”, and it is an important discussion to have. The argument was one of Sam Harris citing polls where Muslims,… Continue reading Islamophobia?

More Against Jesus’ Resurrection

As it happens, I can't fathom all the possibilities to account for the (probably false) data that Jesus died and then his tomb was found empty. My imagination does not stretch as far as those who have religious reasons not to accept the claim the Christians keep making, which of course the Jews and Muslims… Continue reading More Against Jesus’ Resurrection

Segregation and Burkas

Warning: contains comments on Islam Disclaimer: not Islamophobia I am pathologically predisposed to not being current. So although some crazy bastards killed a man in London the other day, apparently in the name of Islam, that is not what I want to talk about. I don’t want to talk about it because I don’t know… Continue reading Segregation and Burkas

Political Response to Woolwich (and a defence of the religious moderate)

"The tragic events in Woolwich last week obviously are the most important thing to the friends, families and communities involved. But in terms of a measured political response we need to consider the statistics: how often does something like this happen? What level of risk might we be limiting civil liberties in order to combat?"… Continue reading Political Response to Woolwich (and a defence of the religious moderate)

“Every Christian is an Atheist with Respect to Islam”

The sentiment behind the quote I’ve made the title of this post is an oft-repeated sentiment (although, this exact wording I’ve just taken from an interview between Sam Harris and Bill Maher). And the sentiment can be reversed; every Muslim is an atheist with respect to Christianity. The sentiment is often followed with words akin… Continue reading “Every Christian is an Atheist with Respect to Islam”