What is Beautiful about Determinism?

The beauty of determinism is hidden in the tragedy and injustice of freewill. I don’t believe in freewill (but I do believe it is one word). More importantly than that, I don’t see ‘no freewill’ (“determinism”) as a miserable or stale thing. The implicit assumption (and explicit in the full question asked: “God gave us… Continue reading What is Beautiful about Determinism?

Why it’s impossible to argue that God is immoral

God's morality can be evaluated in two ways that I see: either one can assume that God exists and judge God according to the Book one accepts and what they believe It created, else God can be assumed to be nothing more than the work of fiction whose role changes depending on which story one… Continue reading Why it’s impossible to argue that God is immoral

A Non-intervening God and The Problem of Suffering

Epicurus asked if God physically can stop suffering and whether He emotionally wants to. If God can stop suffering, clearly He doesn’t want to; if God wants to stop suffering, clearly He can’t. Else, if He can stop it and wants to, where is it coming from? But this problem removes particular definitions of God:… Continue reading A Non-intervening God and The Problem of Suffering