A brief thought on that taboo racial slur and a more racist term

There exists a word, an anagram of ‘Ginger’, that is still taboo. I even hesitated to use it in the title of this post. Although (oh my, does this count as a trigger warning?) I am going to use that word in the rest of this post, as soon as I’m reasonably confident I have… Continue reading A brief thought on that taboo racial slur and a more racist term

The Linguistic Laziness of Religion

Attempting to use “sacred” as a persuasive word―as an objective quality about a thing―is laziness. It attempts to navigate around the need to actually explain why something might be important and just demands we lend something significance. When I was talking to art & life notes and they tried to convince me their interpretation of the Biblical definition of marriage was “sacred”, it killed their entire point.

Linguistic Ambiguity with a Personal Genie

Imagine I found a genie and it offered me two wishes. My wishes are to be fluent in all languages and to be the best person. What results would we expect?When it comes to language, would being fluent in all languages mean I am an excellent musician and mathematician? Or are maths and music simply… Continue reading Linguistic Ambiguity with a Personal Genie

Taboo (the c-word)

Over the next few days posts from me shall be scheduled ones. If anyone is interested, a particular set of circumstances lead to me scheduling a lot of posts in advance. They are: a lot of ideas, a block of free time all at once, uncertainty about when my next block of free time shall… Continue reading Taboo (the c-word)

How Do You Define a Word?

How do you define a word? I know it seems nice to think you can look at a dictionary, but it seems that dictionaries follow something: words themselves are a sort of zeitgeist. What a word means, then, is what we all agree they mean. After all, “zeitgeist” might be absolute nonsense to you and… Continue reading How Do You Define a Word?