What is a person?

I am a person (I promise). You are a person (I say that with confidence, as I am only addressing those that can read this). But, what exactly is a person? I’m not going to go through much ground work to establish that “living human” and “person” are non-identical terms, because I think that much… Continue reading What is a person?

Do Antidepressants work? (Why having “PhD” on the cover doesn’t make it a reliable book)

A friend of mine is going through a hard time: on the verge of divorce, hates her job, suffering through depression. And she’s a really clever woman; a physics teacher, in fact. So, when she told me she had started researching her condition―depression―and found a book by a PhD graduate called The Emperor’s New Drugs… Continue reading Do Antidepressants work? (Why having “PhD” on the cover doesn’t make it a reliable book)

The NHS: it’s necessary to reform our national gem

I like the National Health Service (NHS). I like knowing that my healthcare is free at the point of use. That means I really do not like to impending danger of the UK losing the NHS. We in the UK are likely to lose the NHS to steady erosion. And those who constantly bicker and… Continue reading The NHS: it’s necessary to reform our national gem

13. Everybody has Faith

The thirteenth now in my series about the book God or Godless? As all religious discussion eventually do, the Christian here has begun to assert that atheists have faith too. Is it a faith claim to assert that a believe should be supported by evidence? The entire debate comes down to that question. And the… Continue reading 13. Everybody has Faith

Seeing the Doctor in the Information Age

Thanks to the age of information, an age that should be historically remembered as the "Google Era", there are now only two types of GP. The first type of GP is one that you tell all of your symptoms to and they give you the diagnosis and you think this: What am I doing here?… Continue reading Seeing the Doctor in the Information Age

Legalising Cannabis

Cannabis is, and for some time has been, a class B drug; very illegal, for those who wonder what that means. But the government is in a long-standing argument with its former drugs advisor professor David Nutt and his research team, The Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs (ISCD). The ISCD’s research suggests that if we rank drugs… Continue reading Legalising Cannabis