Ethics and the Hunter

Long time readers will know that I’ve been a long time advocate of objective morality, via Sam Harris’ The Moral Landscape. Those who have joined more recently may have instead noticed that I have relied on different moral frameworks when talking about morality - the appeal to a conceptual set of rules and values that… Continue reading Ethics and the Hunter

Because many atheists claim that there is no such thing as objective morals, does it follow that morals are illusory?

I’m not going to speak for the atheists who believe in no such thing as objective morality, as I believe in objective morality. However, if there is no objective morality, that does not mean there is not ‘relative morality’ which follows rules. The problem here is what ‘illusory’ means. I know, it’s awful getting into… Continue reading Because many atheists claim that there is no such thing as objective morals, does it follow that morals are illusory?

Allallt believes in Objective Morality

I’ve called this ‘Allallt believes in Objective Morality’ because the issue of morality is actually beyond the confines of “atheism”. I doubt many of the other authors on this blog agree with me on this one. However, the discussion that is likely to follow, I hope, will offer elucidation on atheists. I believe in objective… Continue reading Allallt believes in Objective Morality

The Buddhist Christian, on LSD

Any moral message that can be taken from Christianity is immediately undermined by the fact Christianity holds the loophole to entire avoid moral judgement: faith. A good person receives no rewards if they are not faithful, and a bad person receives no punishment if they are faithful. I’ve argued before that this is the catastrophic… Continue reading The Buddhist Christian, on LSD

Legalising Drugs: stop the War on Drugs

During prohibition, alcoholism rates tripled. That’s how good making thing illegal is at stopping people from doing them. For every person that abused alcohol before prohibition, there came three. That is the opposite of what such a law is for. Evidence suggests abuse levels are lower where the drugs are legal (I’m still thinking prohibition,… Continue reading Legalising Drugs: stop the War on Drugs