Religion shows morality is discoverable despite God

I think there is evidence for morality being discoverable by secular methods, in religion. To make this argument, I will call on God’s justice and the fact that religions call on their followers to modulate the behaviour of the heathens. And that’s kind of it. The argument acts to do away with the common challenge… Continue reading Religion shows morality is discoverable despite God

The Lines between Rights, Law and Objective Morality

No moral philosophy that I have met has ever been sufficiently simple to be reduced to a list like the law and simultaneously satisfy our wants for justice. Emmanuel Kant’s morality would cut down to basic duties. Kant said that if an action is ever wrong it is always wrong and, although it is difficult… Continue reading The Lines between Rights, Law and Objective Morality

Did God Command Child Sacrifice?

In my tired stupor of writing my responses to the book God or Godless? I forgot to do something very important. When I talked about the implications of God commanding child sacrifice I forgot to go back to the source to see if the book ever actually says that: does God command child sacrifice? And… Continue reading Did God Command Child Sacrifice?

Political Response to Woolwich (and a defence of the religious moderate)

"The tragic events in Woolwich last week obviously are the most important thing to the friends, families and communities involved. But in terms of a measured political response we need to consider the statistics: how often does something like this happen? What level of risk might we be limiting civil liberties in order to combat?"… Continue reading Political Response to Woolwich (and a defence of the religious moderate)