The Inhumanity of Religious Morality

Before your religion was conceived of, before anyone believed in your God, what do you think people were doing? Do you think rape and infanticide and pillaging and murder were considered permissible and everyone brought down their full force of aggression to get their way? That every teenage compulsion immediately resulted in rape, and every… Continue reading The Inhumanity of Religious Morality

In Defence of Nihilism

I often flit between thinking myself a nihilist and not. It often depends how I have been primed and how I am looking at the issue. I think I have found a way of properly describing my position on the issue. I am a nihilist who values things. I think the problem comes from maintaining this… Continue reading In Defence of Nihilism

Stephen Fry, Religious Nihilism and the Tyrannical God

As everyone knows, Stephen Fry would be angry with a God that openly manages the natural world exactly as it is, red in tooth and claw, and still maintains that It is good and moral. That is basically what Fry said in this interview. Blakodeel of Deal of Theology posts their disagreement here. Blakodeel's objections… Continue reading Stephen Fry, Religious Nihilism and the Tyrannical God

God-arguments that don’t work and the beauty of life

There are certain arguments for God that cannot work. And if we inspect the basic arsenal of the average apologist—the cosmological arguments, the teleological arguments, arguments from objective purpose, arguments from objective morality—certain ones stand out as not being able to work, regardless of what the evidence is. Despite my persistence is arguing that most… Continue reading God-arguments that don’t work and the beauty of life

Getting Meaning from Atheism

The more theists’ blogs I read attacking atheists, the more I realise that the truly fundamentalist ones have a worldview identical to that which Nietzsche satirised. In short, Nietzsche’s Mad Man grounded all meaning and purpose and morality in God and then “killed” God. Nietzsche concluded two things: there is no good reason to believe… Continue reading Getting Meaning from Atheism