Allallt believes in Objective Morality

I’ve called this ‘Allallt believes in Objective Morality’ because the issue of morality is actually beyond the confines of “atheism”. I doubt many of the other authors on this blog agree with me on this one. However, the discussion that is likely to follow, I hope, will offer elucidation on atheists. I believe in objective… Continue reading Allallt believes in Objective Morality

Why is God-based morality superior?

God-based morality is not good morality. It cannot be. Firstly, despite all the arguments that there cannot be morality unless it is God-based, there are no tenets of God-based morality. If there were any, they’d remain unknowable. Secondly, there’s no way for us to distinguish good from evil on the God-based narrative. Thirdly, what possible… Continue reading Why is God-based morality superior?

Deep in Rivers of The Moral Landscape: secular morality drowns religious morality

Morality is an issue that I like to write on simply because I find it cathartically simple and reassuringly complex at the same time. That paradox is aligned with my own moral standing, which is Sam Harris’ Moral Landscape (approximately), which my regular readers will already know. The simplicity comes from the simple mantra of… Continue reading Deep in Rivers of The Moral Landscape: secular morality drowns religious morality

The Evidence for Objective (secular) Morality

In an earlier post I said that you should only believe things for which there is evidence. Otherwise you believe any idea that pops into your head without a reliable filtering mechanism. For the most part on this blog, that I do this is obvious. But I’m sure many people would question whether that is… Continue reading The Evidence for Objective (secular) Morality

Getting Meaning from Atheism

The more theists’ blogs I read attacking atheists, the more I realise that the truly fundamentalist ones have a worldview identical to that which Nietzsche satirised. In short, Nietzsche’s Mad Man grounded all meaning and purpose and morality in God and then “killed” God. Nietzsche concluded two things: there is no good reason to believe… Continue reading Getting Meaning from Atheism

Objective Morality for the Non-Believer

I do want to outline my view on morality, but I am less inclined than I once was to point out the failures of religious morality. It is important for me to outline morality and where I get my sense of value and purpose from so that I do not seem to be a nihilist… Continue reading Objective Morality for the Non-Believer