Why was the 2016 EU Referendum an affront to democracy

Introduction The purpose of this post is to explain how the 2016 EU Referendum didn’t just fail to be democracy at its best, but was democracy delivered so poorly that no democrat should be offering it lip service. Issues of the lies told in the campaigns and breaking of electoral law are both key points… Continue reading Why was the 2016 EU Referendum an affront to democracy

All the rage, none of the content

And opponents of GM crops shifted from ‘obvious danger’ and ‘Frankenfood’ arguments, to ‘no evidence it’s safe’, to ‘environmental dangers’ to ‘risks to indigenous farmers’ and ‘concerns over the nature of big corporations acting as a monopoly’; but they never skipped a beat on their rage, intolerance, confidence and assumed knowledge.

The NHS: it’s necessary to reform our national gem

I like the National Health Service (NHS). I like knowing that my healthcare is free at the point of use. That means I really do not like to impending danger of the UK losing the NHS. We in the UK are likely to lose the NHS to steady erosion. And those who constantly bicker and… Continue reading The NHS: it’s necessary to reform our national gem

An Opinion Cannot be Wrong

Opinions cannot be wrong. If you think an opinion is wrong what you tend to mean is that an underlying idea that a premise is built on is wrong. Facts can be wrong, opinions cannot. Take my opinion that the God of the Old Testament is evil*. I think this based on my reading of… Continue reading An Opinion Cannot be Wrong