Altruism and Selfishness

All the things you intentionally do are self-motivated. Even when one thinks they are being forced into a situation, there is a fundamental internal factor at play: It is our internal drive to be accepted or not be bullied that makes us conform to certain social norms; it is preservation of self-image that encourages us… Continue reading Altruism and Selfishness

Is Infinity Real?

Although infinity is a mathematical term, it is very useful in entering the philosophy of what “real” is. To decide whether infinity is real, we must first decide whether any numbers are real and what criteria they either do or do not fit. For that, we need to know what makes something ‘real’? Does it… Continue reading Is Infinity Real?

God is Impossible: hiding your religion from rebuttals

I found a post called Atheist Delusions. The author of that post, Laurensheil, must have expected a response from atheists. And indeed I am one of the atheists who replied. In the post, Laurensheil bemoans atheists demanding proof of theists' claims, but then not providing any evidence for their own position; an argument that entirely… Continue reading God is Impossible: hiding your religion from rebuttals

Why I Don’t Like New Year’s Eve

I’m not sentimental about time; my birthday doesn’t really bother me and I feel no particular urge to celebrate New Year. Even Easter has become something that I celebrate for the sake of my younger siblings and chocolate, not because I particularly care about Easter. Christmas is an exception to this, I am sentimental about… Continue reading Why I Don’t Like New Year’s Eve