xPrae: How I defeated you so soundly (Part 6: the whining hyper-scepticism of facts you don’t like)

This post is going to catharticly address the hypocrisy of the blogger, xPrae, on the topic of facts evidence, as well as give a short introduction into when sources and evidence are useful. I don’t know why I do this, xPrae has so few followers as to be irrelevant. However, his pseudo-conversation was fun at… Continue reading xPrae: How I defeated you so soundly (Part 6: the whining hyper-scepticism of facts you don’t like)

Doing Science (1) Exploring psychics

I've posted a few times about the idea of doing research that hasn't been done yet. I had a look at why science hasn't investigated whether locally produced honey cures hayfever, pondered the look at comparing the locus of control of the religious and irreligious and then, as the previously mentioned investigation became increasingly complicated, I looked… Continue reading Doing Science (1) Exploring psychics

On the Contrary: defining “New Atheism”

Apparently, I am a New Atheist. In all meaningful timelines, this is true; I am only 25. On the scale of the universe, geology, biology, human culture or even Western Culture, I am new. But I am not sure the ideas I associate with nonbelief in a god are new. Atheism is the lack of… Continue reading On the Contrary: defining “New Atheism”

13. Everybody has Faith

The thirteenth now in my series about the book God or Godless? As all religious discussion eventually do, the Christian here has begun to assert that atheists have faith too. Is it a faith claim to assert that a believe should be supported by evidence? The entire debate comes down to that question. And the… Continue reading 13. Everybody has Faith

Holy Ghosts: ghost stories

“We are entitled to some muddled thinking now and then” said my new friend, Steve (fake name). Steve is an atheist, with a certain amount of superstition he can’t get out of his head. By that I mean Steve doesn’t like to say that he is an atheist because that might cause something bad to… Continue reading Holy Ghosts: ghost stories