Another take on Freewill

A good philosophy has considerable reach. By this, I mean that a certain philosophy may have been expressed in some esoteric and academic area, but it can be applied in other specific disciplines as well as in broader contexts. Notice, this is more than just saying ‘a good philosophy is always true’. Instead, this is… Continue reading Another take on Freewill

First They were Wrong About Science and it Got Worse from There

The problem is, the currency of “truth” (there’s another conversation for another day) loses value when it leaves the scientists hands and goes into the hands of “the media” for communication. Communication is the weakest link... This failure of science communication is often confused for a failure of science. But it’s a failure of a system of media that uses currency as a currency, and not truth as a currency.

“Everything Happened all by Itself”?

"Atheists believe everything happened by itself" is not an uncommon accusation to be fired at atheists. I recently watched a video on how internet memes spread, so I have a vague concept of how that sort of considerable misinformation spreads so rapidly. But how about getting under what the problem with this accusation is. To… Continue reading “Everything Happened all by Itself”?

The Tracks of my Tears: evidence for time travel

I promised Physics and Whiskey that I would look into time travel and then try to provide some information about what I would accept as convincing evidence for time travel. The first step in this process is to have a look at what, exactly, time travel means. And that means having a look at the… Continue reading The Tracks of my Tears: evidence for time travel

Letting Go of the Crutch: Probability and physics are on the atheists’ side

A few days ago I was talking to a blogger called Physics and Whiskey. He wrote two posts, one called The atheist’s crutch: Misusing probability and another called The atheist’s other crutch: Breaking the laws of physics. In these posts he makes two clear arguments. In the first he argues that to rebut certain parts of… Continue reading Letting Go of the Crutch: Probability and physics are on the atheists’ side

Dear Theist (2): A quick dip in Atheism, Evolution, God, Morality and “Nothing”

Dear Caroline, I hope you appreciate that I put a lot of thought into my replies and so really do want my thoughts on my blog instead of lost among a comment thread. I also apologise to my readers that Caroline's response is lost somewhere in the comments to her post (although, you are welcome to… Continue reading Dear Theist (2): A quick dip in Atheism, Evolution, God, Morality and “Nothing”

Physics is an Eternal Truth

I don’t challenge the claim that God could exist forever. I do use some clichéd arguments, but that is not one of them. I accept that if a thing can exist independent of time then it can—for the lack of better expressions—exist forever. But God's complexity, as intelligence capable of controlling the universe, does demand… Continue reading Physics is an Eternal Truth

Could God Stop Human-Caused Suffering?

In an earlier post I outlined the standard 'problem of suffering' argument against the normal definitions of God and explained why the normal theistic defence defines God as less-than-omnipotent (which is my point, not theirs). I know you can get around some of the suffering in this world by putting it down to human freewill, but… Continue reading Could God Stop Human-Caused Suffering?

Freewill: the neurological weather pattern

I am a causal determinist. What this means I don’t believe you have freewill. Don’t take that too personally; I don’t believe I have freewill either. In fact, I think all atheists (in a broader sense of the word) should reject free will. Let me first state and explain my broader definition of atheism: one… Continue reading Freewill: the neurological weather pattern