Can God Stop Evil without Ending our Freewill?

The problem of evil is ubiquitous. However, this argument only works against certain definitions of a god. If you believe in a particular God that is incompatible with the nature of suffering then you should throw out the definition of God. Normally this is not what happens. People either cut their definitions of God or… Continue reading Can God Stop Evil without Ending our Freewill?

Follow-up on ‘Morally Sufficient Reason?’

In an earlier post I argued that the oft-used “morally sufficient reason” rebuttal to the problems of suffering and the hidden God is a bad rebuttal. The way these discussions tend to go is summarised below, starting with the problem of suffering: Your definition of a God is incompatible with all the suffering we see.… Continue reading Follow-up on ‘Morally Sufficient Reason?’

Morally Sufficient Reason?

I like the ‘Hidden God’ and the ‘Problem of Suffering’ as arguments against God. The arguments are very simple: God should not hide Himself from us as convincingly as He does and leave our salvation to the capricious luck of faith; suffering caused by the whims of natural powers should not exist. But in response… Continue reading Morally Sufficient Reason?