A brief thought on that taboo racial slur and a more racist term

There exists a word, an anagram of ‘Ginger’, that is still taboo. I even hesitated to use it in the title of this post. Although (oh my, does this count as a trigger warning?) I am going to use that word in the rest of this post, as soon as I’m reasonably confident I have… Continue reading A brief thought on that taboo racial slur and a more racist term

The Admission of Ignorance

Ignorance is something we all have to admit to on a pretty regular basis. We don't know! Science admits it with incredible frequency, even if only to justify its funding. "Science knows it doesn't know everything, else it would stop" as Dara O'Briain says. Ironically, the religious narrative is not beset by such humility. Despite… Continue reading The Admission of Ignorance

Book Excerpt: What do scientists of faith achieve?

In recent discussions I have been told that atheism is a potential retardation of our species on the grounds that it blocks other perspectives. There are obvious misunderstandings of what atheism is there, but that's not the issue. The issue is the nature of those "other perspectives" ColorStorm (my accuser) is referring to: religion and… Continue reading Book Excerpt: What do scientists of faith achieve?