We Hope You Enjoyed Your Journey: why the passing of life is why we should care

I have, in an earlier post, made a passing reference to transience. It got no traction at all, and now I want to talk about transience in the sense of atheism and, more correctly, humanism; transience is the very thing that endows us with value and worth. I want to compare that to a world… Continue reading We Hope You Enjoyed Your Journey: why the passing of life is why we should care

God-arguments that don’t work and the beauty of life

There are certain arguments for God that cannot work. And if we inspect the basic arsenal of the average apologist—the cosmological arguments, the teleological arguments, arguments from objective purpose, arguments from objective morality—certain ones stand out as not being able to work, regardless of what the evidence is. Despite my persistence is arguing that most… Continue reading God-arguments that don’t work and the beauty of life

1. If there is No God, then Life has No Purpose

I downloaded a free book called God or Godless?: One Christian. One Atheist. Twenty Controversial Questions. The book prides itself on posing controversial and unconventional questions. I’m not so sure the questions are controversial, but I’d like to open the discussion to my blog. I’m a little disappointed by the atheist’s best attempt in places,… Continue reading 1. If there is No God, then Life has No Purpose

Transience and My Hobbies

I lift weights. That’s not facetious, I mean I go a gym and I lift up precisely weighted and shaped lumps of metal called dumbbells. As a result I am very strong, for my weight class (under-80 kg; under 176 lbs). I am not strong in any absolute terms, or even on the human scale… Continue reading Transience and My Hobbies

Do People Need the Idea of Heaven?

There is a TV show in the UK called The Big Questions. The other week the show asked the question ‘Do people need the idea of Heaven?’ Hungover, I watched the superficial commentary the participants had while trying desperately not to offend anyone; I wrote notes into my phone. I have been busy since then.… Continue reading Do People Need the Idea of Heaven?

How Wrong C.S. Lewis is

This quote pops up a lot in religious debates, and I've never given C.S. Lewis the respect to look at the quote and explain why it is such nonsense. The quote is this: Atheism turns out to be too simple. If the whole universe has no meaning, we should never have found out that it… Continue reading How Wrong C.S. Lewis is

Getting Meaning from Atheism

The more theists’ blogs I read attacking atheists, the more I realise that the truly fundamentalist ones have a worldview identical to that which Nietzsche satirised. In short, Nietzsche’s Mad Man grounded all meaning and purpose and morality in God and then “killed” God. Nietzsche concluded two things: there is no good reason to believe… Continue reading Getting Meaning from Atheism