What Colour is Allallt’s shirt?

Imagine being at the pub and hearing two people talk about the colour of Allallt's shirt. The man is convinced the shirt is purple, and the woman is convinced the shirt is pink. They quibble over different sentences from different posts on my blog and build convoluted arguments about how my syntax unambiguously informs them… Continue reading What Colour is Allallt’s shirt?


God looks a lot like no God

We are willing to claim things don’t exist. I don’t mean atheists; I mean thinkers in general. Do you believe in unicorns, Santa, leprechauns, the tooth fairy or the Flying Spaghetti monster? I know they’re cliché examples, but that is intentional: I want you to realise these arguments aren’t new, but apologists have been ignoring… Continue reading God looks a lot like no God

Is Morality Real? Does it exist? Are they the same thing?

After my wordy post about whether infinity is real, I plan to continue the discussion about what it means to be real, or to exist (are they different?) by discussing morality. Regular readers will already know that I think morality can be objectively described, but so can numbers. I think I concluded that numbers aren’t… Continue reading Is Morality Real? Does it exist? Are they the same thing?